Lip Tattoos

There’s no denying that beautiful lips are a major focal point of attraction. Although we are not all naturally blessed with gorgeously sensuous lips, cosmetic lip tattoo makeup offers stunning improvements to their overall shape and colour. Ageing lips tend to lose their youthful appearance when the natural lip line diminishes, and fading occurs. Semi-permanent lip tinting procedures are the perfect, long-lasting solution for restoring lost lip contour and colour while correcting asymmetries.

Full Lip

The most natural and uniform results can be achieved with the ‘full lip’ technique similar to the look of lipstick. It is also referred to as ‘full lip blush’ or ‘full lip tint’ due to the softer effects achieved.

Lip Liner

The ‘lipline’ is perfect for those with a nice full lip with a natural colourful glow but just require a more definitive shape or to correct slightly asymmetric lipliner problems.

lip liner semi-permanent makeup