Eyeline Tattoos

They say that the eyes are the window to our soul – So give them a reason to stare! Permanent eye makeup is a fantastic choice to avoid smudging makeup, poorly applied makeup, uneven eyeliner; for hay fever sufferers, gym goers, swimmers; people with poor eyesight, Parkinson’s, nerve disorders, sensitive eyes; busy mums, businesswomen who don’t have time to apply perfect makeup… The list goes on!

Eyelash Enhancement

This a very subtle shading of the lash line, very natural and perfect for just giving the eyes a little boost without looking like you are wearing eyeliner all of the time. This really gets rid of morning “tired eyes” and can bring out the colour of your eyes.


For those who like to wear a more obvious liner when they do their makeup this is perfect. Liner can be as thin or as thick as you like. This really creates a brighter eye look from the moment you wake up, enhances eyes dramatically and, again, this is smudge free! Ideal!

eyelash enhancement semi-permanent makeup